Module 4. Case Study - Ireland.pdf [book]

Dyllan Goldstein, Alisha Gauhar, Rebecca Babcock, Jennie Phillips
This module aims to explore Digital Contact Tracing (D-CT) developed and implemented in Ireland for the COVID-19 response. Focus is on their D-CT app, COVID Tracker Ireland, and understanding user-uptake. The case study begins with a brief overview of the country's overall response to COVID-19 and the impact of the virus on the country. Following, we explain Ireland's app by describing how it emerged, how it is designed and functions, how users engage with the app across the whole
more » ... whole user-engagement process, and what user-uptake looks like in the country. The next section describes the main factors that emerged in our research for this country that suggest influencing user-uptake within the country's context including public perceptions, sense of community, communications & misinformation, accessibility & inclusion, and public trust. This section ends with a brief conclusion.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.14180003.v1 fatcat:nqioxs3habevtddz33ow3inzjq