Content Centric Networking Naming Scheme for Efficient Data Sharing
효율적인 데이타 교환을 위한 Content-Centric Networking 식별자 방안

Dae-Youb Kim
2012 Journal of Korea Multimedia Society  
To enhance network efficiency, CCN allow intermediate network nodes between a content consumer and a content publisher to temporarily cache transmitted contents. Then the network nodes immediately return back the cached contents to another consumers when the nodes receives relevant contents request messages from the consumers. For that, CCN utilizes hierarchical content names to forward a request message as well as a response message. However, such content names semantically contain much
more » ... contain much information about domain/user as well as content itself. So it is possible to invade users' privacy. In this paper, we first review both the problem of CCN name in the view point of privacy and proposed schemes. Then we propose an improved name management scheme for users' privacy preservation.
doi:10.9717/kmms.2012.15.9.1126 fatcat:mmvdbu7uhjhpne2qhaahvaj5oe