Dynamics of changes in protein metabolism rates in cows depending on the season of the year and the location of the farm

U. M. Vus, O. V. Kozenko
2019 Scientific Messenger of LNU of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology  
Protein metabolism in animals is perhaps the most informative indicator of anthropogenic environmental pollution, because it provides an opportunity to characterize metabolic processes in the body. They are of the utmost importance for the structure and function of all cells, tissues and organs. Proteins reflect the state of the organism, as well as those changes that occur in it under the influence of internal and external factors. We studied the dynamics of changes in indicators in protein
more » ... abolism in cows depending on the season of the year and the location of a farm. The research was carried out in two farms of the Lviv region: the Danylo Halytskyj LLC, near the State Mining and Chemical Enterprise "Sirka", and FE "Lelyk" of Zhovkva district, in spring, summer, autumn and winter periods of keeping. The object of research was the blood of 20 cows of Ukrainian Black-Spotted breed. According to the results of the research, a reduction in total protein, relative to the physiological norm of 0.45 g/l. in spring, and by 0.64 g/l in the summer, dysproteinemia, a high level of gamma globulin fraction (50.30%) in cows from the Danylo Halytskyj farm, located in the zone of influence of the State Chemical Medicine Plant "Sirka". In animals FE Lelyk, located in the conventionally clean zone, this indicator was significantly higher, and was 76.14 g/l in spring, and 78.17 g/l in summer, and also in animals of this farm dysproteinemia was not observed. In the autumn, at the end of the summer grazing period of the keeping, the index of total protein tended to decrease in the animals of the Danylo Halytsky's Ltd., and in winter it was normalized and invested in the limits of the physiological norm. Albumin fraction of protein in this group of animals, throughout the search period, had a tendency to increase. In the cows of the FE "Lelyk", the indices of protein metabolism were within the limits of the physiological norm in all periods of research, with the inherent fluctuations in the season of the year. The obtained results due to the content of total protein and protein fractions in the plasma of blood of cows kept in territories with different ecological status indicate that the effect of the activity of the State Chemical Medicine Plant "Sirka" is sufficiently strong on the organism of animals.
doi:10.32718/nvlvet9329 fatcat:vq3k7b5ss5ecjprpvpe6u4ymjq