A Novel Approach for Association Rule Mining using Pattern Generation

Deepa S. Deshpande
2014 International Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science  
Data mining has become a process of significant interest in recent years due to explosive rate of the accumulation of data. It is used to discover potentially valuable implicit knowledge from the large transactional databases. Association rule mining is one of the well known techniques of data mining. It typically aims at discovering associations between attributes in the large databases. The first and the most influential traditional algorithm for association rule discovery is Apriori.
more » ... scans of database, generation of large number of candidates item set and discovery of interesting rules are the main challenging issues for the improvement of Apriori algorithm. Therefore in order to decrease the multiple scanning of database, a new method of association rule mining using pattern generation is proposed in this paper. This method involves three steps. First, patterns are generated using items from the transaction database. Second, frequent item set is obtained using these patterns. Finally association rules are derived. The performance of this method is evaluated with the traditional Apriori algorithm. It shows that behavior of the proposed method is much more similar to Apriori algorithm with less memory space and reduction in multiple times scanning of database. Thus it is more efficient than the traditional Apriori algorithm.
doi:10.5815/ijitcs.2014.11.09 fatcat:qvv26o4m6ra5doggmrucvp75fm