Real Analysis Foundations and Functions of One Variable [book]

Miklos Laczkovich ´ Vera T. Sos
2005 Zenodo  
Analysis forms an essential basis of mathematics as a whole, as well as of the natural sciences, and more and more of the social sciences too. The theory of analysis (differentiation and integration) was created—after Galileo's insight—for the purposes of describing the universe in the language of mathematics. Working out the precise theory took almost 300 years, with a large portion of this time devoted to definitions that encapsulate the essence of limits and continuity. Mastering these
more » ... stering these concepts can be a difficult process; this is one of the reasons why analysis is only barely present in most high-school curricula.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4461764 fatcat:kedtl3nognfzhphg2krqhewibu