Clustering verbs semantically according to their alternation behaviour

Sabine Schulte im Walde
2000 Proceedings of the 18th conference on Computational linguistics -   unpublished
Verbs were clustered seInantically on the basis of their alternation behaviom:, as characterised I)y their syut;actic sul)caI;e.gorisation franms extrael:ed from lllllXillllllll proba.bili(;y parses of a robu,st sI;atisl;ical pa.rser, aald eOml~leted by assigning \'VordNe(; classes as se]ecl, ional preferences (;o the fl:ame arl~uments. The clustering was achieved (a) iteratively by measu):ing the lelal;ive enl;rol)y b(,tween (;he verbs' l)rOl)ability dis(;ribut, ions ()vet' the. franle
more » ... the. franle (,yl)eS, and (1)) l)y ul;ilising a lateni; (:lass m/a.lysis t)ased on the joint frequencies of verbs and flmne. (,yl)eS.
doi:10.3115/992730.992754 fatcat:4qq2orlrozdrzjxapqs7svx5jq