Predicting the Required Volume Need for Architectural Work Using Artificial Neural Networks in Hospital Buildings

Aulia Yudha Prathama
2019 Journal of the Civil Engineering Forum  
Decision-making in construction design has an important role. The need for estimation tools of planning and project management aspects needs to develop. This paper discussed the benefits of artificial neural network methodology to overcome the problem of estimated the needs of the volume of wall paired, ceiling worked pairing, and ceramic floor pairing for architectural work at the designed stage of the building. The average architecture cost of state building is 29%-51% of total construction
more » ... otal construction value. Data from 15 projects was used for being trained and tested by Artificial Neural Network (ANN) methods with 5 design input variables. The ANN helped to estimate the value of volume requirement on the architectural working of Pratama Hospital building project in remote areas of Indonesia. Those input variables include building area, average column span distance, the height of the building, the shape of the building, and a number of inpatient rooms. From ANN simulation, the best empirical equation of P2V5 modeling was used to predict the need of hospital architecture work volume at conceptual stage with best ANN structure 5-9-3 (5 input variables, 1 hidden layer with 9 neurons and 3 output) with result of estimation accuracy a maximum of 96.40% was reached.
doi:10.22146/jcef.39772 fatcat:idlkz6uun5ahflk7ko6trdpcie