A Global Model for the Estimation of Speeds of Sound in Deep Eutectic Solvents

Hamed Peyrovedin, Reza Haghbakhsh, Ana Rita C. Duarte, Sona Raeissi
2020 Molecules  
Deep eutectic solvents (DESs) are newly introduced green solvents that have attracted much attention regarding fundamentals and applications. Of the problems along the way of replacing a common solvent by a DES, is the lack of information on the thermophysical properties of DESs. This is even more accentuated by considering the dramatically growing number of DESs, being made by the combination of vast numbers of the constituting substances, and at their various molar ratios. The speed of sound
more » ... The speed of sound is among the properties that can be used to estimate other important thermodynamic properties. In this work, a global and accurate model is proposed and used to estimate the speed of sound in 39 different DESs. This is the first general speed of sound model for DESs. The model does not require any thermodynamic properties other than the critical properties of the DESs, which are themselves calculated by group contribution methods, and in doing so, make the proposed method entirely independent of any experimental data as input. The results indicated that the average absolute relative deviation percentages (AARD%) of this model for 420 experimental data is only 5.4%. Accordingly, based on the achieved results, the proposed model can be used to predict the speeds of sound of DESs.
doi:10.3390/molecules25071626 pmid:32244826 fatcat:x7h27gpfwzc43ciyswamif7zbq