Multi-Target Tracking in Multiple Non-Overlapping Cameras using Constrained Dominant Sets [article]

Yonatan Tariku Tesfaye, Eyasu Zemene, Andrea Prati, Marcello Pelillo, Mubarak Shah
2017 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, a unified three-layer hierarchical approach for solving tracking problems in multiple non-overlapping cameras is proposed. Given a video and a set of detections (obtained by any person detector), we first solve within-camera tracking employing the first two layers of our framework and, then, in the third layer, we solve across-camera tracking by merging tracks of the same person in all cameras in a simultaneous fashion. To best serve our purpose, a constrained dominant sets
more » ... ring (CDSC) technique, a parametrized version of standard quadratic optimization, is employed to solve both tracking tasks. The tracking problem is caste as finding constrained dominant sets from a graph. In addition to having a unified framework that simultaneously solves within- and across-camera tracking, the third layer helps link broken tracks of the same person occurring during within-camera tracking. In this work, we propose a fast algorithm, based on dynamics from evolutionary game theory, which is efficient and salable to large-scale real-world applications.
arXiv:1706.06196v1 fatcat:gmyqlfeb6jhdpoh5ajyxmyevkq