Study on Behavior of the Heat Exchanger with Conically-Corrugated Tubes and HDD Baffles

Zhiwei Wu, Caifu Qian
2022 ChemEngineering  
Baffles with holes in different diameters (or HDD baffles) and conically-corrugated tubes are respectively longitudinal flow baffle and high-efficiency heat exchange tubes proposed by the author. In this paper, vibrations of tube bundles with HDD baffles and fluid flow as well as heat transfer inside conically-corrugated tubes were numerically simulated, and the heat exchanger with conically-corrugated tubes and HDD baffles was tested for the heat transfer efficiency. It is found that compared
more » ... ith the traditional segmental baffles, tube bundle vibrations in heat exchangers, if using the HDD baffles, can be significantly reduced. Regarding heat transfer efficiency, conically-corrugated tubes are much better than smooth tubes and even better than other high-efficiency heat transfer tubes. Compared with the traditional heat exchangers, heat exchangers constructed with conically-corrugated tubes and the HDD baffles can provide better heat transfer efficiency and less tube bundle vibration.
doi:10.3390/chemengineering6010001 fatcat:dlyrqjzl65efzkiyntg7eb2xai