A framework for reducing the cost of instrumented code

Matthew Arnold, Barbara G. Ryder
Instrumenting code to collect profiling information can canse substantial execution overhead. This overhead makes instrumentation difficult to perform at runt/me, often preventing many known o]fiine feedback-directed optimizations from being used in online systems. This paper presents a general framework for performing instrumentation sampling to reduce the overhead of previously expensive instrumentation. The framework is simple and effective, using codeduplication and counter-based sampling
more » ... allow switching between instrumented and non-instrumented code. Our framework does not rely on any hardware or operating system support, yet provides a high frequency sample rate that is tunable, allowing the tradeoff between overhead and accuracy to be adjusted easily at runt/me. Experimental results are presented to validate that our technique can collect accurate profiles (93-98% overlap with a perfect profile) with low overhead (averaging ,-,6% total overhead with a naive implementation). A Jalapefio-specific optimization is also presented that reduces overhead further, resulting in an average total overhead of ~3%.
doi:10.7282/t3-ahja-ma67 fatcat:tbhn6wmmsre4heayyh4my7y4pu