HEMP Effect Analysis for Equipment Using Comparison of Norms between HEMP Filter Residual Current and Conducted Susceptibility Criteria
HEMP 필터 잔류 전류와 전도 내성 기준의 특성인자 비교를 통한 장비의 HEMP 영향성 분석

Joon-Hyuck Kwon, Ki-Hwan Song, Jong-Gwan Yook
2014 The Journal of Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science  
Although High-altitude electromagnetic pulse(HEMP) protection filter meets the requirements of pulsed current injection(PCI) acceptance test, the equipment under test which has low electromagnetic susceptibility level can be damaged during PCI verification test that is performed on operating condition of equipment. This paper proposed the HEMP effect analysis method using comparison of norms between residual current of HEMP filter and transient electromagnetic conducted susceptibility criteria
more » ... ptibility criteria of equipment, as an alternative method under the condition that performing PCI verification test is limited in HEMP hardened facilities. PCI acceptance test of HEMP filter, transient electromagnetic conducted susceptibility test, and PCI verification test are performed and test results are analyzed. Ⅰ. 서 론 지상 30 km 이상 고 고도 핵 폭발 시 감마-선과 콤프톤 효과(compton effect)에 의해 발생되는 고 고도 전자기 펄 스(HEMP: High-altitude Electro-Magnetic Pulse)는 지상의 광범위한 지역에 걸쳐 50~65 kV/m 수준의 첨두 전기장, ⓒ
doi:10.5515/kjkiees.2014.25.2.199 fatcat:ub2wgtc7ovhllgyf33wipgdpnu