1905 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
it should be limited to such patients as can not be operated on by a posterior retrocolic gastroenterostomy with the anastomosis near the duodenojejunal flexure. 4. Anterior anticolic gastroenterostomy should not be an operation of election, but an operation of expediency and necessity, to give temporary relief, or to meet spe¬ cial abnormal conditions that may contraindícate the posterior attachment. 5. The ideal operation of election must be the pos¬ terior retrocolic attachment near the
more » ... ning of the jejunum, and at the bottom of the stomach in the pyloric end, thus eliminating the loop. 6. This gives the most efficient drainage, prevents the vicious circle and régurgitant vomiting, leaves stom¬ ach and intestine in nearly normal relation, nnd is fol¬ lowed by better immediate and ultimate results. 7. The intestinal incision should be made longitu¬ dinally and not less than two inches long, and the stom¬ ach incision of corresponding length, preferably in the oblique direction. An elliptical strip of mucosa should
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