Photothermal deflection in multilayer coatings: modeling and experiment

Laurent Gallais, Mireille Commandré
2005 Applied Optics  
A model of the photothermal deflection signal in multilayer coatings is presented that takes into account optical interference effects and heat flow within the stack. Measurements are then taken of highreflectivity HfO 2 ͞SiO 2 ultraviolet mirrors made by plasma ion assisted deposition and compared to calculations. Good agreement is found between the experimental results and the model. Using this model for the calibration and the setup described, one can measure absorption in multilayer coatings accurately down to 10 Ϫ7 of the incident power.
doi:10.1364/ao.44.005230 pmid:16152677 fatcat:253jycjjh5b7hf3qrecv3gmwka