NAO-Teach: helping kids to learn societal and theoretical knowledge with friendly human-robot interaction

Ahmad Hoirul Basori
2020 Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science  
<span lang="EN-GB">Robotic technology has affected the education field, and even early education involves robot to attract Kids. Technical education is the notion of giving students knowledge of robots and technology. The main contribution of our research is to provide an interactive way of learning for kids through play and fun method. Two approaches proposed here: first, we provide an interactive game by touching robots body parts to teach kids how they were practising their motoric nerve and
more » ... the listening to the instruction. In this game, kids asked to find some robot parts such as right hand, or left hand, where it equipped with a tactile sensor. The game difficulty can be increased by setting up the time limit for the answer and make kids touch the body parts of the robot very fast. The second learning method is practising number counting and pronunciation with NAO Robots. The robots will do computer vision processing to analyse and pronounce the kids handwriting with an artificial neural network. The result of implementation has obtained more than 75% success rate on recognition part with loss es than 0.6. The system received strong appreciation from kids and their parent, while This research believed able to attract kids to study in interactive and fun ways.</span>
doi:10.11591/ijeecs.v17.i3.pp1657-1664 fatcat:owuofovagjgubp3pjxvobgrbm4