1918 International Review of Mission  
THE present time calls for an overhauling of much organization in order that the best results may be obtained from it. Our missionary organizations are no exceptions. The world crisis but emphasizes the need of our work as a whole, and therefore the need of each part being as perfect as possible. It is this conviction that has led t o the gathering together of certain thoughts won from experience as missionary and as missionary secretary. They are coloured, of course, by the experience of the
more » ... rticular board (the Friends' Foreign Mission Association) known t o the writer, and for the sake of brevity may seem more dogmatically stated than is intended. The function of a mission board is here considered under three main heads, in relation t o (i) the individual candidate or missionary, (ii) the home Church and (iii) the mission in the field. Other aspects of its work which may be regarded as secondary are deliberately omitted from this paper, such as relations with government, and with other missions and boards. What I desire is not so much to press any particular definition of functions as to insist that the boards and all their members should set clearly before themselves what are their functions, should, from time to time, review their work in the light of such definitions, and should always watch their proceedings to see whether they are erring by excess or defect. The larger purposes of the board may be lost sight of if it allows itself t o be swamped in detail, and particularly in doing things better left t o others. Never were greater problems before us. Never 393
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