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M Schönhöbela, N Porras-Montenegro
2013 Ciencias Exactas Y Naturales Revista NOOS   unpublished
In the present work, we have studied the effects of an applied electric field (in the growth direction of the heterostructure) on the electron quasi-stationary energy levels in semiconductor GaAs/GaAlAs single quantum wells (SQW). Theoretical calculations are performed by using the Enderlein's method [8, 9], with which we have solved the Schrödinger equation exactly. Numerical results are obtained as a function of the applied electric field, Al concentration, and the structure geometry as well.
more » ... e geometry as well. We have distinguished three regions: confinement, resonant and pulsations; quasistationary states (or confinement states) become resonant states with increasing the electric field, while the opposite happens with the increasing the well width or the aluminum concentration. Above the energy barriers pulsations are observed in the density of states, these pulsations are related with a modulated frequency and a fast frequency