Fault-Tolerant Control for Intelligent Electrified Vehicles Against Front Wheel Steering Angle Sensor Faults During Trajectory Tracking

Lei Zhang, Zihao Wang, Xiaolin Ding, Shaohua Li, Zhenpo Wang
2021 IEEE Access  
Steer-by-Wire (SBW) systems are an integral and essential component of intelligent electrified vehicles and are critical to ensure safe vehicle operations. In this paper, a fault-tolerant control method for SBW is proposed to mitigate the adverse influence of front wheel steering angle sensor faults based on the Kalman filtering technique. First, a linearized vehicle model is derived based on tire characteristics and is further combined with a steering actuator model to provide the modelling
more » ... ndation for estimating the front wheel steering angle. Considering multi-source noises and their significant influence on the front wheel steering angle sensor, the Butterworth filter is employed to filter out the high-frequency noises. The front wheel steering angle estimation is realized by incorporating the measurements of the yaw rate and lateral acceleration of vehicle and the current of steering motor. In particular, a dynamic threshold mechanism is adopted to activate the fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant compensation based on the residual theory. Finally, a linear time-varying model predictive controller is presented to execute the trajectory tracking task for an intelligent electrified vehicle. The effectiveness of the proposed scheme is verified under the single lane change and double lane change maneuvers during the trajectory tracking. INDEX TERMS Intelligent electrified vehicles, steer-by-wire system, state estimation, fault-tolerant control, trajectory tracking.
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3075325 fatcat:gtvlujk5rrduhcqt6y2tvw5ncq