Security Risk Level Prediction of Carbofuran Pesticide Residues in Chinese Vegetables Based on Deep Learning

Tongqiang Jiang, Tianqi Liu, Wei Dong, Yingjie Liu, Qingchuan Zhang
2022 Foods  
The supervision of security risk level of carbofuran pesticide residues can guarantee the food quality and security of residents effectively. In order to predict the potential key risk vegetables and regions, this paper constructs a security risk assessment model, combined with the k-means++ algorithm, to establish the risk security level. Then the evaluation index value of the security risk model is predicted to determine the security risk level based on the deep learning model. The model
more » ... sts of a convolutional neural network (CNN) and a long short-term memory network (LSTM) optimized by an arithmetic optimization algorithm (AOA), namely, CNN-AOA-LSTM. In this paper, a comparative experiment is conducted on a small sample data set of independently constructed security risk assessment indicators. Experimental results show that the accuracy of the CNN-AOA-LSTM prediction model based on attention mechanism is 6.12% to 18.99% higher than several commonly used deep neural network models (gated recurrent unit, LSTM, and recurrent neural networks). The prediction model proposed in this paper provides scientific reference to establish the priority order of supervision, and provides forward-looking supervision for the government.
doi:10.3390/foods11071061 pmid:35407150 pmcid:PMC8997839 fatcat:6u26b5baabcvlgovcl6zr4o4pe