NERI Final Project Report: On-Line Intelligent Self-Diagnostic Monitoring System for Next Generation Nuclear Power Plants [report]

Leonard J Bond, Donald B Jarrell, Theresa M Koehler, Richard J Meador, Daniel R Sisk, Darrel D Hatley, Kenneth S Watkins, Jangbom Chai, Wooshik Kim
2003 unpublished
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more » ... ent of DOE-NE, testing for a cable monitoring technology developed under an SBIR project has been incorporated into the project. The "Shortwatch" cable stressor monitoring technology was added in the second year. The capabilities of this cable were thoroughly tested and further developed with the assistance of PNNL staff. The integral sensors for thermal and abrasion stressors were tested and performed well. With DOE-NE support, a "sister project" funded by the South Korean MOST was invited to participate in the SDMS project. Focused on degradation to air operated valves (AOVs), this work enabled the team to gain experience with AOVs, without direct cost to DOE. With facilitation from DOE-HQ a collaboration has been developed with Dr. Jangbom Chai, Associate Professor, Ajou University, School of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, South Korea. He submitted a winning proposal to MOST, South Korea, for a project to perform cooperative research with our NERI NERI DE-FG03-99SF9491 FY 2002 and Final Report iv (SDMS) project in the area of AOVs. Dr Chai initially visited the Laboratory in January 2001 and reviewed the PNNL investigative approach, test bed platform and records. System specifications and additional installation information were sent to Dr. Chai so he could duplicate portions of the system to ensure compatibility of his AOV research results. On August 6-7, 2001, Dr. Chai and his associate Dr. Kim from Sejong University, Seoul, Korea, visited Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to gather additional data to allow them to duplicate the Laboratory's research conditions. Support of this cooperative effort is outside the original scope of this project and related expenditures of project resources were tracked separately. The potential economic impact for SDMS technologies has been shown to be very significant. This analysis, based on a 40-year life cycle and a 6% discount rate calculated approximately $78 billion for the nuclear industry alone. When the economic analysis is extended from the nuclear power industry to consider similar industrial applications in all U.S., potential saving in the multi-trillions of dollars result. The underlying enabling technology, the Decision Support for Operations and Maintenance (DSOM) was selected as an R&D 100 awards winner in 2001. The project has resulted in a total of 17 conference proceedings and journal publications and is in the process of filing two multi-technology patent applications, which were consolidated from six invention disclosures. The ultimate result of the successful completion of this technology development and demonstration project is a major step toward risk-informed operations and maintenance of today's and tomorrow's commercial power reactors. NERI DE-FG03-99SF9491 FY 2002 and Final Report
doi:10.2172/15010296 fatcat:y5hwbmoisjhydfb5wecek3444u