Hydropower Development in China: A Leapfrog Development Secured by Technological Progress of Dam Construction [chapter]

Yizi Shang, Xiaofei Li, Ling Shang
2022 Technological Innovations and Advances of Hydropower Engineering [Working Title]  
It has been over 110 years since China's first hydropower station, Shilongba Hydropower Station, was built in 1910. With the support of advanced dam construction technology, the Chinese installed capacity keeps rising rapid growth, hitting around 356 GW nationwide by the end of 2019, and the annual electricity production exceeds 10,000 TWh. At present, China contributes to 25% of global installed hydropower capacity, ranking first in the world for 20 consecutive years since 2001 and surpassing
more » ... he combined of the 4 countries ranking second to fifth. This paper reviews China's progress in the context of global hydropower development and examines the role of technological advance in supporting China's hydropower projects, especially dam construction technology. China is currently actively promoting the "integration of wind, solar, hydro, and coal power generation and energy storage" and building a smart grid of multi-energy complementary power generation. New technologies and new concepts are expected to continue to lead the world's hydropower development trends.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.103902 fatcat:qwoha2kbkbfkhmlnyo2el6jmby