Recent Progress on Ultrathin Metalenses for Flat Optics

Seong-Won Moon, Yeseul Kim, Gwanho Yoon, Junsuk Rho
2020 iScience  
As technology advances, electrical devices such as smartphones have become more and more compact, leading to a demand for the continuous miniaturization of optical components. Metalenses, ultrathin flat optical elements composed of metasurfaces consisting of arrays of subwavelength optical antennas, provide a method of meeting those requirements. Moreover, metalenses have many other distinctive advantages including aberration correction, active tunability, and semi-transparency, compared to
more » ... r conventional refractive and diffractive counterparts. Therefore, over the last decade, great effort has been focused on developing metalenses to investigate and broaden the capabilities of metalenses for integration into future applications. Here, we discuss recent progress on metalenses including their basic design principles and notable characteristics such as aberration correction, tunability, and multifunctionality.
doi:10.1016/j.isci.2020.101877 pmid:33344920 pmcid:PMC7736923 fatcat:3gk7pkagyvcfvnyavdpvbxacyy