Programmable multi-DNA release from multilayered polyelectrolytes using gigahertz nano-electromechanical resonator

Xinyi Guo, Hongxiang Zhang, Yanyan Wang, Wei Pang, Xuexin Duan
2019 Journal of Nanobiotechnology  
Controllable and multiple DNA release is critical in modern gene-based therapies. Current approaches require complex assistant molecules for combined release. To overcome the restrictions on the materials and environment, a novel and versatile DNA release method using a nano-electromechanical (NEMS) hypersonic resonator of gigahertz (GHz) frequency is developed. Results: The micro-vortexes excited by ultra-high frequency acoustic wave can generate tunable shear stress at solid-liquid interface,
more » ... thereby disrupting molecular interactions in immobilized multilayered polyelectrolyte thin films and releasing embedded DNA strands in a controlled fashion. Both finite element model analysis and experiment results verify the feasibility of this method. The release rate and released amount are confirmed to be well tuned. Owing to the different forces generated at different depth of the films, release of two types of DNA molecules with different velocities is achieved, which further explores its application in combined gene therapy. Conclusions: Our research confirmed that this novel platform based on a nano-electromechanical hypersonic resonator works well for controllable single and multi-DNA release. In addition, the unique features of this resonator such as miniaturization and batch manufacturing open its possibility to be developed into a high-throughput, implantable and site targeting DNA release and delivery system.
doi:10.1186/s12951-019-0518-7 fatcat:dc63zfe74zdqxj2kzgmp6vcahi