FASSI 2015 The First International Conference on Fundamentals and Advances in Software Systems Integration

Petre Dini, Graeme Burnett, Xcordis Fintech, Haipeng Cai, Danilo Caivano, Fabio Fioravanti, Matthias Galster, Ibrahim Habli, Alan Hayes, Richard Mordinyi, Patricia Roberts, Philip Ross (+2 others)
Foreword The First International Conference on Fundamentals and Advances in Software Systems Integration (FASSI 2015), held between   unpublished
dealt with software system integration. Despite a legacy of projects over decades and the likelihood of continued if not increased connectivity between software systems in the future, there is little by way of a sound theory as to the cause of the problems of software integration and how we might address them. On the surface the question of how to integrate two software systems appears to be a technical concern, one that involves addressing issues, such as how to exchange data (Hohpe 2012), and
more » ... which software systems are responsible for which part of a business process. Furthermore, because we can build interfaces between software systems we might therefore believe that the problems of software integration have been solved. But those responsible for the design of a software system face a number of trade-offs. For example the decoupling of software components is one way to reduce assumptions, such as those about where code is executed and when it is executed (Hohpe 2012). However, decoupling introduces other problems because it leads to an increase in the number of connections and introduces issues of availability, responsiveness and synchronicity of changes (Hohpe 2012). The objective of this conference was to work towards understanding of these issues, the trade-offs and the problems of software integration and to explore strategies for dealing with them. We take here the opportunity to warmly thank all the members of the FASSI 2015 Technical Program Committee, as well as the numerous reviewers. The creation of such a high quality conference program would not have been possible without their involvement. We also kindly thank all the authors who dedicated much of their time and efforts to contribute to FASSI 2015. We truly believe that, thanks to all these efforts, the final conference program consisted of top quality contributions. Also, this event could not have been a reality without the support of many individuals, organizations, and sponsors. We are grateful to the members of the FASSI 2015 organizing committee for their help in handling the logistics and for their work to make this professional meeting a success. We hope that FASSI 2015 was a successful international forum for the exchange of ideas and results between academia and industry and for the promotion of progress in the field of software system integration. We are convinced that the participants found the event useful and communications very open. We hope Venice provided a pleasant environment during the conference and everyone saved some time for exploring this beautiful city.