Monitoring of a bridge over the Paraná River during the launching phase

Toshiaki Takeya, Maximiliano Malite, Roberto M. Gonçalves
The railway bridge spanning the Parana river, located between the states of Sâo Paulo and Mato (Brazil), plays an important socioeconomic role for a vast region of the country and is one of the largest national engineering works of the last few years. The road/railway bridge spanning the Parana river located between the states of Sâo Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil) is the major bridge combining road and railway systems to be built in Brazil, it consists of a 2,600m long steel structure
more » ... enty-six 100m spans), besides two 720m and 450m concrete access viaducts located, respectively, on its left and right sides. Of the total of 29,000 cubic meters of concrete used, 25,000 were used for the foundation, which consists of large 25 to 62m water column concrete-filled steel pipe piles. The entire 20,650 ton steel structure was made of high-strength low alloy steel (high resistance to corrosion). The steel structure is made up of two truss beams, with the railway and roadbed, respectively, at the upper and lower chords. Four parts in earth, two 600m long (six spans) and two 700m (seven spans) long, were built on the ground and then push out to their definitive position.
doi:10.5169/seals-62876 fatcat:5jhlfbt3qzakxgf5j2rpxtqjvm