Digitalisation of an Analogue Weighing Scale Using Microcontroller

S. A. Fagbemi, M. Momoh, I. G. Saidu, D. O. Akpootu, S. B. Sharafa, M. J. Abdulsalami
2014 IOSR Journal of Environmental Science Toxicology and Food Technology  
Most of the weighing machines available currently are the analogue types. Analogue weighing machines are often not very accurate and convenient to read. In this research, analogue weighing machine was obtained from the market and converted to a digital type. To do this, the extension of the spring in the analogue weighing machine was first converted into voltage using a simple voltage divider circuit. The output of the voltage divider (transducer) was then fed into a microcontroller that
more » ... troller that converts the analogue voltage into a corresponding digital value using the internal ADC embedded in a microcontroller. The microcontroller was programmed to display the mass and the corresponding weight of the measured weight simultaneously on a Liquid Crystal Display(LCD device). The readings of the digital weighing machine produced were used to compare that of a standard weighing type. The result showed that there was a mean deviation of 1.44Kg between the readings of the modified scale and the analogue type which served as the control. A simple product moment correlation coefficient was used to compare the two readings and the result obtained indicated that there was a near perfect correlation (0.9998) between the readings of the two scales.
doi:10.9790/2402-0824126134 fatcat:ydjaomxa3zdz7ci2gkzhy5z2ga