Wood-working machinery

J. Richards
1872 Journal of the Franklin Institute  
Wood-working Machinery. 23 the severest frosts without injury, and that for the same diameter and depth oi" tone the~ arc of less weight than if made of bronze or composition and at the same time of less cost per pound. These bells are in use at four different points on the line of tile road, and have, so far, been very satisfactory. (To be continued.) WOOD-WORKING MACHINERY, A tretttise on its construction and application, with a history of its origin and progress. BY J. RIc~IARDSj M. E. (Continued from Vol. LXH. page 404).
doi:10.1016/0016-0032(72)90875-7 fatcat:i3eba6d4xrgo7na272lxuixi6e