Comparison of ASP.NET Core and Spring Boot ecosystems

Teofil Rozaliuk, Petro Kopyl, Jakub Smołka
2022 Journal of Computer Sciences Institute  
The article describes a comparative analysis of the ASP.NET Core and Spring Boot framework ecosystems. The research was carried out on the basis of implemented two applications with identical functionality, which use the PostgreSQL database engine. In the implementation of the application, appropriate ORM tools were used to perform database operations, ie Spring Data and Entity Framework Core, technologies enabling the implementation of authentication and authorization (Spring Security and
more » ... ET Core Identity) and several additional libraries that simplify the entire process of building the application. The criteria of comparison were the ease and intuitiveness of a given tool in the implementation of the application, the offered possibilities of the tools implementing authentication and authorization mechanisms, the efficiency of database operations, the general structure of the application and basic code metrics. Based on the research, it was found that Spring Data technology is a faster tool than Entity Framework Core, while Spring Security, unlike Asp.Net Core Identity, is less integrated into the framework ecosystem.
doi:10.35784/jcsi.2794 fatcat:vfwspkv7czhvdjugntvduhhgvm