P2NG.17 - Sonochemical Synthesis of HKUST-1 Based CuO Decorated with Pt Nanoparticles for Formaldehyde Gas Sensors

J. E. Lee, S.-Y. Choi, H.-K. Lee, D. Y. Kim, H. J. Park, D.-S. Lee, University Of Vienna, Universitätsring 1, 1010 Vienna, Austria
In this study, a facile and simple method to synthesize composites of copper(II) oxide (CuO) and Pt nanoparticles has been developed without altering the original morphology of CuO. CuO decorated with Pt nanoparticles was obtained by a sonochemical synthetic route and the gas sensing properties of CuO/Pt composites were investigated. Compared to CuO based gas sensors, CuO/Pt composites based gas sensors showed better performances in detecting formaldehyde gas from 100 ppb to 1500 ppb. Here,
more » ... 1500 ppb. Here, although only Pt nanoparticles were decorated to CuO, sonochemical synthesis can be expandable to decoration of other noble metals, such as Pd and Au, to various metal oxide materials for establishing a sensing material database useful for a principal component analysis or machine learning.
doi:10.5162/imcs2018/p2ng.17 fatcat:7eh5znqei5etlnqmjayg7oyqom