Tight sportswear and physiological function - Effect on muscle strength and EMG activity -

Xiao-Qun Dai, Yu-Ping Li, Juan-Juan Cai, A-Ming Lu, Guo-Dong Wang
2013 The Research Journal of the Costume Culture  
It has been reported that tight sportswear could have complicated influence on physiological function of human body. The purpose of this present study was to investigate the effect of wearing gradient compression tights (GCT) on muscle strength and EMG activity during repeated isokinetic muscle contractions. Four healthy male undergraduate students performed maximal voluntary isokinetic concentric muscle contractions on biomechanical test and training systems with GCT and loose pants as control
more » ... (Cont) respectively. During each test, the peak torque of extensor and flexor contractions and the surface electromyography (sEMG) of the rectus femoris and medial gastrocnemius was recorded simultaneously, the peak torque was recorded as an indicator of muscle strength, and the average amplitude and mean power frequency of sEMG were calculated as indicators of EMG activity. The results showed that: the peak torque decreased gradually during continuous muscle contractions both when the Cont and GCT were worn, average sEMG and mean power frequency declined along with the repetitions of muscle contractions for both wearing conditions, and the change tendency was consistence with that of peak torque. There was no obvious difference between the peak torque recorded wearing the Cont or wearing GCT, but when GCT were worn, average sEMG was lower and mean power frequency was higher than the Cont condition. In 24 samples obtained from four subjects, 80% of results showed the same trend. So we could make a conclusion that wearing GCT had no obvious effect on the improvement of muscle strength, but it would affect the EMG activity positivly.
doi:10.7741/rjcc.2013.21.4.606 fatcat:2yh4n7epkfecbmeooxpbvuprei