Gait kinematics analysis of the idiopathic scoliosis patient

Audrey Esteves, Diogo Cunha dos Reis, Eliane Ramos
2006 Revista Brasileira de Cineantropometria e Desempenho Humano  
Idiopathic Scoliosis (IS) is apparent structural deformity of the spine being able to provoke alterations in the gait. Considering these alterations it was intended to describe the kinematics characteristics of the gait in IS patient objectifying to compare the individual in two distinct moments during rehabilitation process. The research individual was a university student with 25 years IS patient developed from infancy. The instrument used for the data collection was the system of
more » ... ional reconstruction of movement DMAS 5,0 of the SPICATek®. The results had shown that there is no significant differences for the space/temporal variables when to compare the two collections; with relation to normality was evidenced significant differences for the variables TPD (p=0,015), TPE (p=0,011), TAS-E (p=0,023), CPD (p=0,0000038), CPE (p=0,000014), CPASS (p=0,00090), LP (p=0,049), CAD (p=0,036) and v (p=0,015); when comparing the individual of the research with other referring studies the ISpatients was possible to observe superior values for the variables TAD-D and TAD-E and inferior values for the TBD, TBE, TAS-D, TAS-E, CPD, CPE, CAD and v; with relation to the side asymmetry between the variables TAD-D and TAD-E (p= 0,037) was evidenced in the second collection, and between CPD and CPE in both of them (C1 p=0,016 e C2 p=0,011). For the displayed it can be concluded that the individual presented problems in the gait, possibly caused for the structural deformity present in the column, having presented same differences for the majority of the variables in the comparison with normal individuals. Referring to the period of rehabilitation, between the collections, believes that it did not contribute for possible alterations in the gait. RESUMO A escoliose idiopática (EI) é uma deformidade estrutural aparente da coluna vertebral, podendo provocar alterações na marcha. Considerando essas alterações, procurou-se descrever as características cinemáticas damarcha em um indivíduo portador de EI, visando comp [...]
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