Hypertension and Triglyceride Catabolism: Implications for the Hemodynamic Model of the Metabolic Syndrome

Robert D. Brook, Lynn Glazewski, Sanjay Rajagopalan, Robert L. Bard
2003 Journal of the American College of Nutrition  
Objective: We sought to determine if hypertensive adults have a blunted triglyceride catabolic rate (TG K 2 ) and if related hemodynamic and vascular alterations are determinants of TG K 2 . Methods: Fasting levels of insulin, glucose, lipoproteins and plasma catecholamines were measured in 10 normotensive and 10 hypertensive adults. TG K 2 was determined by an intravenous fat tolerance test. Forearm blood flow, maximum forearm blood flow and minimal forearm vascular resistance were determined
more » ... ce were determined by strain gauge plethysmography. Vascular compliance and systemic hemodynamics were measured by computerized arterial pulse waveform analysis. Results: Compared to normotensives, hypertensives had a significantly elevated blood pressure (145 Ϯ 8/94 Ϯ 11 versus 111 Ϯ 15/74 Ϯ 14 mm Hg, p Ͻ 0.001), systemic vascular resistance (1695 Ϯ 441 versus 1172 Ϯ 430 dynes ϫ sec ϫ cm Ϫ5 , p ϭ 0.02) and reduced large vessel compliance (11.7 Ϯ 3.6 versus 15.1 Ϯ 3.1 ml/mm Hg ϫ 100, p ϭ 0.04). There were no significant group differences in TG K 2 (3.07 Ϯ 2.01 versus 2.88 Ϯ 2.12 mg/dL/min, p ϭ 0.85) or other metabolic and anthropometric variables. TG K 2 was not predicted by the forearm vascular measures or the hemodynamic variables, but was correlated to waist/hip ratio (r ϭ Ϫ0.71, p ϭ 0.001), fasting triglycerides (r ϭ Ϫ0.64, p ϭ 0.003), and male gender (r ϭ 0.56, p ϭ 0.012). An enhanced TG K 2 was independently predicted by a reduced small vessel compliance (r ϭ Ϫ0.61, p ϭ 0.006). Conclusions: Elevated blood pressure per se and hypertension-related hemodynamic and vascular alterations are not associated with reduced TG K 2 or other metabolic abnormalities. Rather, aspects of the insulin resistance syndrome are closely related to abdominal adiposity. The independent association between small vessel compliance and TG K 2 deserves further investigation. Abbreviations: CAPWA ϭ computerized arterial compliance waveform analyzer, IVFTT ϭ intravenous fat tolerance test, TG ϭ triglycerides, TG K 2 ϭ triglyceride catabolic rate.
doi:10.1080/07315724.2003.10719306 pmid:12897043 fatcat:dszwgosllnha7bl5ba4ubbtwxa