Near-to-planar 3-jet events in and beyond QCD perturbation theory

A. Banfi, Yu.L. Dokshitzer, G. Marchesini, G. Zanderighi
2001 Physics Letters B  
We present the results of QCD analysis of out-of-event-plane momentum distribution in 3-jet e+e- annihilation events. We consider the all-order resummed perturbative prediction and the leading power suppressed non-perturbative corrections to the mean value and the distribution and explain their non-trivial colour structure. The technique we develop aims at improving the accuracy of the theoretical description of multi-jet ensembles, in particular in hadron-hadron collisions.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(01)00310-0 fatcat:r6r4caphhbhfhfdsczgxn336ri