A Novel Secured Data Exchange Mechanism for Text Data Using Encode and Decode Mechanism

V Aravind, Nambala Ramesh, H Deva, Raj Professor, M Tech
The Internet traffic is increasing day by day. Also, secure data communication is the need of the hour. But the standard compression techniques which are in use, are independent and do not consider the security issues. Hence, we present a general encoding technique for secure data communication over a language L with a finite alphabet setˇ.setˇ. The encoded message is a bi-tuple of which, the first is a vector of quotients denoted as Q and the second is a representation of remainders denoted as
more » ... R with respect to a modulus M. The secrecy of the message is retained by communicating R over a secure channel using some standard encryption mechanism. The computation overhead is also reduced as the encryption is done only on one half of the encoded message. Further, this encoding mechanism provides a lossless compression are using TDEA algorithm for encryption.