L D Turner, J H Kennedy
1961 unpublished
This report was prepnred u an account of Cbvernmeat epoxmred work. Neither tbs United Stater, nor the Commission. nor any permon acting on behalf of the Comnrtnton: A. Makea any warranty or representation, expreened or implied, with reepect to the .ccuracy, c o m p l~s s , or mefulne~s of the informattom contnhd in thts report. or t h t the w of any intormatifon, apparatw, umthod, or pmcese d l a c l o d in thtr &port may not privately owned rtghw or B. As6umw any UabiUtiee with reepe& to the
more » ... ith reepe& to the uee of, or for dunapr rerulting from the UM of any information, apparatus, mwthod, or procerr dieclowd in thin report. A8 uaed in the abve. "peram acthag on of the Commiwion" inclads. any crmployes or contractor of tbe Commi.rion, or employee of such contractor, to the extent that such employee or comtractor of the Corn. or employee of mch contractor preprue#. disee-, or providse access to, any information purauant te his employment or contact with the Commission. or his employment aith such contractor. This report has been reproduced directly from the beat available copy. Printed in USA. Price $0.75. Available from the Office of Technical Services, Department of Commerce, Washington 25, D. C. " . UNIVERSITY O F CALIFORNIA L a w r e n c e Radiation ~a b o r a t o r~ C o n t r a c t No. W -7405 -eng-48 SYSTEM O F AUTOMATIC PROCESSING AND INDEXING O F R E P O R T S .. L e s t e r Douglas T u r n e r J a m e s H e n r y Kennedy J u l y 12, 1961 SYSTEM OF AUTOMATIC P~O C E S S I N G ANP INDEXIN.G OF REPORTS* 1 L e s t e r Douglas T u r n e r and J a m e s Henry Kennedy -. Lawrence ~a d i a t i o n ~a b o r a t o r~, University bf California 6 L i v e r m o r e , Califorliia . . -* Work p e r f o r m e d under the a u s p i c e s of the U. S. Atomic E n e r g y C o m m i s s i o n . INOW a t the George 5 . May Co. , S a n Fr'ancisco.
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