A Case Report on Treatment Outcomes and Physiotherapy Rehabilitation of a Case with Smith's Fracture

Gunjan Shende
2021 Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications  
Smith's fractures are the second most prevalent type of distal radius fractures but are much less common than Colle's fractures. The radius is the most often broken bone in the arm. But fractures in Smith's are still very unusual. They constitute fewer than 3 % of all radius fractures.These are most commonly seen in young men and older women. Smith fracture signs are similar to those of other forms of fractures. Pain, tenderness, bruising and swelling are usually immediate. The wrist may bent
more » ... hang oddly in manner depending on the seriousness injury. A 40 years old right hand dominant female met with a road traffic accident. She visited physiotherapy clinic with complaints of stiffness and loss of strength in her left wrist while performing daily activities. Pain and swelling was present at wrist joint.Patient was hypertensive. X-rays revealed a palmar displacement of the wrist suggesting Smith's fracture. Patient was able to perform basic activities of daily living (ADLs) .Her ability to lift objects was improved with the tasks which also involved supination/pronation were also improved.
doi:10.21786/bbrc/14.6.16 fatcat:l7gzdrziajcejjvrk4uu66lb24