Attitude And Practice Of The Dental Practitioners Towards Orthodontic Root Resorption: A

Vinay Darshan, Kavita Ganiger, Siddana Gouda, Ayush Arora, Arunesh Singh, Rahul Srivastava
2016 Study NJIRM   unpublished
s: Background: Today's community is becoming more concern with the aesthetics and therefore orthodontics is coming into focus. With increasing numbers of patients receiving orthodontic treatment and with increased expectations, the adverse consequences of treatment should be emphasized. External apical root resorption is an iatrogenic consequence of orthodontic treatment, although it can also occur in the absence of orthodontic treatment. Thus every dental practitioner and orthodontist should
more » ... thodontist should know the risk factors of root resorption, so that he or she can do everything to reduce the occurrence of root resorption. Methodology: The study was consisted of 50 participants including of general dental practitioners and orthodontists. Study was carried out with the help of specially designed 12 questionnaires, which were validated by doing pilot study. Results: In the present study, 88% participants had knowledge about the fact of orthodontic root resorption and about 31% had come across such situations in their practice. Many of the participants were not having the knowledge of the etiological and other factors associated with the condition. Conclusion: Results of the present study were shown that, though root resorption induced by the orthodontic treatment is commonly seen among the community, many of them were not aware of the sufficient knowledge, attitude and practice towards this adverse situation. [S Darshan V NJIRM 2016; 7(1):104-107]