The Prospect of Investment Banking and Arbitration in the Space Economy [post]

Ayobami Bamigboye
2021 unpublished
Morgan Stanley estimates that the global space industry could generate revenues of more than $1 trillion or more by 2040, up from over $400 billion currently. Do declining launch costs, technological advancements and a rising interest in the public sector make space the next trillion-dollar economy? The dynamics of the space sector has led wall street analysts to forecast that the space industry could become the next trillion-dollar industry by 2040. As of January 2018, the global space economy
more » ... grew more than 8%, generating $414.75 billion in space activities.With unmanned scientific exploration, high levels of private funding advancement in technology the implications of investment for a more accessible, low cost into outer space is significant, with potential opportunities for improvement of the resources in space for profit-making and expansion of business concerns, the expanding interest of public sector migrate into the shift from private finding to public and herald the entrance of traditional finance There are fortunes and resources in the space economy which aids the activities of humans, as well as the bold exploration of countries to expand research and understand the limits use and the extent to the use in the space economy.This paper seeks to explore the prospects of investment banking activities in the growing space economy, seeing the growing development of exchange-traded funds already being explored in the space economy and the new regulations allowing Wall Street to do Venture Capital which expands the exploration of capital and buttresses the objective of raising capital by a major player, Space X which raised about $44 Billion and so grows the prospect of more banking activity. Furthermore, the possibilities that are inherent in the eventual proliferation of investment banking activities in the space industry will be addressed. In attempting to do justice to such a lofty idea, the universal need for funding in the world of business will be examined as a representation of the intersection between banking interests and space interests. The interplay of factors such as risk and understanding of business processes in the dynamics of any relationship between investment banking and the space industry will also be examined. The purpose of such analysis will be to afford an understanding of the role that investment banking has to play in the space industry, as an over text to the elements and characteristics of space activities that define the rate of the growth of the influence and applicability of investment banking to the peculiar needs and unique concerns associated with the pursuit of profitable business in the space economy. Lastly, this paper looks to give an account of the evolution of Space Dispute Arbitration, and how the existing legal mechanisms in force for directing arbitral awards have evolved in scope and flexibility since the first satellite launch. In general, and as a statement of fundamental purpose, this paper will attempt to provide a wide and sufficiently detailed representation of what the space industry is, the dynamics of space arbitration and how its resultant economic sector functions, in order to hypothesize on the part that investment banking has to play in its growth and in the maximization of its resultant profits for all shareholders involved."
doi:10.31219/ fatcat:dvv4oweffbehzeh2mwxb57uyw4