Energy-Momentum Relocalization, Surface Terms, and Massless Poles in Axial Current Matrix Elements

Oleg Teryaev
2020 Symmetry  
The energy-momentum relocalization in classical and quantum theory is addressed with specific impact on non-perturbative QCD and hadronic structure. The relocalization is manifested in the existence of canonical and symmetric (Belinfante and Hilbert) energy momentum tensors (EMT). The latter describes the interactions of hadrons with classical gravity and inertia. Canonical EMT, in turn, is naturally emerging due to the translation invariance symmetry and appears when spin structure of hadrons
more » ... ructure of hadrons is considered. Its relation to symmetric Hilbert and Belinfante EMTs requires the possibility to neglect the contribution of boundary terms for the classical fields. For the case of quantum fields this property corresponds to the absence of zero-momentum poles of matrix element of the axial current dual to the spin density. This property is satisfied for quarks manifesting the symmetry counterpart of UA(1) problem and may be violated for gluons due to QCD ghost pole.
doi:10.3390/sym12091409 fatcat:3lwwvp3nj5g3bpztv4rxmdoxfm