Анализ выявляемости факторов риска ХОБЛ у населения г. Якутска

Аргунова Аграфена Николаевна, Хорунов Алексей Николаевич, Яковлева Римма Николаевна
2018 Âkutskij medicinskij žurnal  
The risk factors for COPD development among residents of Yakutsk, working in harmful working conditions, with a significant experience of smoking and respiratory complaints, were studied. A questioning and examination of the function of external respiration (spirometry) was conducted. The questionnaire developed by the FMBA RF «Pulmonology Research Institute» (Moscow) contained questions on the identification of risk factors and respiratory symptoms. A SAT test was also used to assess the
more » ... to assess the effect of COPD on the health of the questioned person.
doi:10.25789/ymj.2018.62.31 fatcat:gylqsa4p7jfi5cwlbewvnl2mn4