Petrographic Analysis and its Relationship with Calorific Values of Non- Coking Coals, Talcher Coalfield, Orissa

N.Rao Cheepurupalli, G.V.S Sharma, C.S Singh, E.N. Dhanamaya Rao
2015 International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technoloy  
Coal petrography can be described broadly as the microscopic determination of the organic and inorganic constituents of coal and the degree of metamorphosis, or rank, which the coal has obtained. Petrographic constituents can be directly correlated to important properties affecting the combustion behaviour of coal. In the present study, the petrographic composition of high ash Indian non-coking coal samples from Talcher has been determined and its reactivity has also been predicted. The
more » ... ship between macerals and GCV of coal samples has been predicted by multivariable regression analysis. It has been found that coal is having high ash. Petrographic study reveals that coal is of good quality with low to medium maceral matter association. It is dominated by terrestrially derived organic debris (vitrinite and Inertinite) with low amounts of Liptinite. The relationship between vitrinite contents and GCV show strong linear correlation. The inertinite shows linear correlation with GCV. The liptinite, mineral matter and ash on the other hand show the reverse correlation with GCV.
doi:10.14445/22315381/ijett-v30p204 fatcat:o5c32zvlrrgwtcisef43ebzlla