International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies 2015; 2(5): 175-179 Helminth parasitic fauna of a cyprinid fish Devario malabaricus (Jerdon)

K Shini, V Preethakumari, M Vasandakumar, K Shini, K Shini, V Preethakumari, U Ramitha, M Vasandakumar
Parasites are important group of pathogen that causes infection and diseases in fishes which may badly affect the aquaculture industry. Devario malabaricus is an ornamental fish commonly found in Kerala. The present investigation was conducted to survey the helminth infection in D. malabaricus. A total of 210 fishes were examined during January 2011 to June 2014, for the presence of parasites. Six species of helminth parasites were recovered from the fish host. They include a species of
more » ... species of monogenea, Diplozoon indicum, an adult digenea Macrolecithus indicus, three larval digenea, Clinostomum complanatum, Tetracotyle sp. and Centrocestus formosanus and an adult nematode Rhabdochona sarana. D. malabaricus constitutes a new host for D. indicum, M. indicus, C. complanatum and R. sarana.