Coffee: General Aspects and its Use beyond Drink

Carlos A. A. Durán, Anna Tsukui, Filipe Kayodè F. dos Santos, Sabrina T. Martinez, Humberto R. Bizzo, Claudia M. de Rezende
2017 Revista Virtual de Quimica  
The study of coffee seed reaches different areas of research. Its stimulating effect besides other biological activities, in addition to more than 1,000 volatile chemicals formed during roasting from chemical transformations of its fixed constituents like caffeine, trigoneline, chlorogenic acid, carbohydrate, lipid constituents, including diterpenes and fatty acids (free and esterified), among others, add value to coffee and residues generated until reach its warm beverage. Several by-products
more » ... everal by-products are generated during wet and the dry processing, and also by soluble coffee industries. Such byproducts can be a source of raw materials for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, and are often used in power generation in boilers for mechanical dryers and fertilizer. Therefore, this review aims to show the diversity of chemical compounds that can be used from by-products generated in the coffee process.
doi:10.21577/1984-6835.20170010 fatcat:k6enubwkgnclbejos2jexgld3e