An Iterative Method for Extreme Optics of Two-Level Systems

R. Parzyński, M. Sobczak, A. Plucińska
2004 Acta Physica Polonica. A  
We formulate the problem of a two-level system in a linearly polarized laser field in terms of a nonlinear Riccati-type differential equation and solve the equation analytically in time intervals much shorter than half the optical period. The analytical solutions for subsequent intervals are then stuck together in an iterative procedure to cover the whole scale time of the laser pulse. Very good quality of the iterative method is shown by recovering with it a number of subtle effects met in
more » ... effects met in earlier numerically calculated photon--emission spectra from model molecular ions, double quantum wells, atoms, and semiconductors. The method is used to describe novel, carrier-envelope offset phase effects in the region of extreme nonlinear optics, i.e., when two--level systems are exposed to pulses of only a few cycles in duration and strength ensuring the Rabi frequency to approach the laser light frequence.
doi:10.12693/aphyspola.106.827 fatcat:g7fqty3q4vav7okobrtqwfs4y4