Revision of Iviella Lehtinen (Araneae: Dictynidae), with description of a new species from Newfoundland

J. Roger Pickavance, Charles D. Dondale
2010 The journal of arachnology  
The genus Iviella Lehtinen 1967 (Dictynidae) comprises three North American species, I. ohioensis (Chamberlin & Ivie 1935), I. reclusa (Gertsch & Ivie 1936) and a new species from the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland. We provide a new diagnosis of the genus, describe the new species and describe the previously unknown male of I. reclusa. We also describe or re-describe the intricate copulatory ducts and spermathecae of the three species.
doi:10.1636/a09-101.1 fatcat:lrtjdhg47jhwvekikijsqhqtmu