Design and Development of Solar Operated Automatic Seed Sowing Machine

Kaveri S. Kulkarni, P. K. Pardakhe
2021 International journal of innovations in engineering and science  
Agriculture Sector is the backbone of Indian Economy. There is a need for Improvement in agriculture sector, which can be achieved by using advanced Technological methods for farming processes like digging, sowing and irrigation Etc. Mechanization reduces labors cost and improves the overall productivity without affecting the quality of soil. This project represents a machine which can carry out various farming activities simultaneously. Air and Noise Pollution are caused by the combustion of
more » ... ssil fuels in IC Engines and External Combustion Engines. To negate these problems, this machine uses Solar Energy as an eco-Friendly energy resource. Solar Panel is used to convert solar energy into Electrical energy and a DC Motor converts this electrical energy into mechanical Energy for digging operation. Seed Hopper are Used for seed sowing and irrigation operations respectively. This machine Maintains seed to seed spacing and row to row spacing. It also decreases the Cost of sowing the seeds and requirement of labors.
doi:10.46335/ijies.2021.6.6.3 fatcat:akfulchrx5f5po5dgu47zhrchq