Peat and Charcoal

1840 Journal of the Franklin Institute  
Peat and Charcoal. 2O3 in the crucible it fuses, swells and yields the vapour of water and of hydro. ehloric acid ; soon after this it undergoes igneous fusion, and when in :.quiet fusionit is to be poured into a smaller crucible. On cooling it becomes a i brown mass, which is to be reduced to coarse powder and distilled in a coated glass retort. The first product is perfectly pure, the latter contains a tittle iron, which is to be separated by redistillation. The properties of this substance
more » ... e that it is compact, nearly of a pure white colour, brittle, and has a vitreous fracture; wtma heated it fuses at about 482 deg. Fahr., boils, and volatilizes at a little below a red heat. It possesses a property which must always prevent the density of its vapour from being ascertained, which is that it is never completely volatilized without undergoing partial decomposition, the results of which are perchloride of tin, and yellow, earthy subchloride of tin, which remains in the distilling apparatus. When in a state offusion it has a great tendency to penetrate the crucibles. It dissolves in water without undergoing any immediate change~ but the liquor remains clear only for a short time, and soon becoming turbid, it deposites oxyehloride of tin. After a considerable time, in contact with the airy the oxychloride dissolves, and the liquor becomes clear and transparent. Absolute alcohol dissolves it very readily, and more when hot than cold; by cooling the solution becomes syrupy. After some time the solution acquires a distinct odour ofhydroehloric rather. When exposod to the air it long retains its property of precipitating the chloride of gold purple, and it does not become turbid. The protochloride of tin when anhydrous, is much less alterable by exposure to the air than when it contains water; indeed~ unless it be hydrated it does not appear to absorb oxygen ; after three weeks' exposure it remains completely soluble in water. Mining Jour.
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