Application Of High Speed And High Performance Fluid Film Bearings In Rotating Machinery

Fouad Y.||Paquette Zeidan
and Qatar Fertilizer, where he worked in main tenance and troubleshooting of rotating machinery, bearing design and fa ilure anal ysis, vibration analysis, rotordynamic anal ysis, upgrading of critical plant equipment, . and auditing of new machinery. At KMC, he is working on the design and development of deflection pad redial and thrust bearings fo r oil, process, and gas lubricated applications. He has published over 25 technical papers and articles on various turbomachinery topics. He has
more » ... eral patent filings fo r an integral squeeze film centering spring damper and other high performance journal and thrust bearings. He received his B.S. M. E. (1978), M. S. M. E. (1979), and Ph.D. (1989) degrees from Texas A&M University. Donald J. Paquette is Project Engineer ing Manager at KMC Inc. in Wes t Green wich, Rhode Is land Mr Paquette has been with KMC fo r six years where he is actively involved in the design, finite element analy sis, rotordynamic analysis, testing, and de velopment of deflection pad and other high performance journal and thrust bearings. Mr. Paquette is also involved in the develop ment of efficient analysis procedures fo r high performance journal and thrust bear ings. He received his B. S. degree in Fluid and Thermal Engineering from Case Wes tern Reserve University (1988). He is currently pursuing anM.S.M.E. degree at Wo rcester Polytechnic Institute. Mr. Paquette has written several technical papers fo r reviewed journals and is a member of ASME.
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