Transmit Antenna Combination Optimization for Generalized Spatial Modulation Systems

Lixia Xiao, Pei Xiao, Yue Xiao, Chaowu Wu, Hung Viet Nguyen, Ibrahim A. Hemadeh, Lajos Hanzo
2018 IEEE Access  
Generalized spatial modulation (GSM), where both the transmit antenna combination (TAC) index and the amplitude phase modulation (APM) symbols convey information, is a novel low-complexity and high efficiency multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technique. In conventional GSM (C-GSM), the legitimate TACs are selected randomly to transmit the APM symbols. However, the number of the TACs must be a power of two, hence the excess TACs are discarded, resulting in wasting some resource. To address
more » ... ese issues, in this paper, an optimal TAC set-aided enhanced GSM (E-GSM) scheme is proposed, where the optimal TAC set is selected with the aid of the channel state information (CSI) by maximizing the minimum Euclidean distance. Furthermore, a hybrid mapping GSM (HM-GSM) scheme operating without CSI knowledge is investigated, where the TAC selection and bit-to-TAC mapping are both taken into consideration for optimizing the average Hamming distance. Finally, an enhanced high throughput GSM (E-HT-GSM) scheme is developed, which makes full use of all the TACs. This scheme is capable of achieving an extra one bit transmission rate per time slot. Moreover, the rotated phase is employed and optimized for the reused TACs. Our simulation results show that the proposed E-GSM system and HM-GSM system are capable of outperforming the C-GSM system. Furthermore, the E-HT-GSM system is capable of obtaining one extra bit transmission rate per time slot compared with the C-GSM system.
doi:10.1109/access.2018.2859794 fatcat:ltjnmhvr7venrivg6m6t4u7jcm