Tss(Tail-short Shionogi), a New Short Tail Mutation Found in the BALB/cMs Strain, Maps Quite Closely to the Tail-short(Ts) Locus on Mouse Chromosome 11

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A spontaneous morphological mutation characterized by a short and kinky tail (Tail-short Shionogi: Tss) was observed in a BALB/cMs mouse breeding colony. The inheritance mode of the Tss mutation is semi-dominant, and homozygotes (Tss/Tss) are probably embryonic lethal. The viability of the Tss/+ heterozygotes appear to be influenced by the mating partner: 47.1% of the (BALB/cMs-Tss/+ × C57BL/6J)F1 embryos were the mutant phenotype, whereas there were no (BALB/cMs-Tss/+ × A/J)F1 embryos with the
more » ... mutant phenotype. The Tss locus was mapped by linkage analysis between microsatellite markers D11Mit128 and D11Mit256 on mouse Chromosome 11. These results suggest that the Tss mutation is a new allele on the Tail-short (Ts) locus.
doi:10.1538/expanim.49.131 pmid:10889952 fatcat:sg7ywu3spnh3rcn2m23l4rvjpe